Best Picnic Spots in the Smoky Mountains for an Unforgettable Outdoor Experience

Best Picnic Spots in the Smoky Mountains

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Embarking on a picnic adventure in the mesmerizing Smoky Mountains offers an affordable and delightful escape for nature enthusiasts. While some might opt for a spontaneous roadside picnic, discovering the carefully selected picnic spots below enhances the overall experience. Positioned near popular trails and scenic routes, these areas provide picnic tables, grills, and additional amenities, ensuring a perfect outing. Let’s delve into the top picnic destinations that promise an unforgettable mountain retreat.

Chimney Tops Picnic Area: A Riverside Dining Experience

The Chimney Tops picnic area, operational from 3/11 to 11/26, boasts 68 scenic picnic sites, making it a favorite in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Situated about 20 minutes from downtown Gatlinburg, this renowned spot offers tables overlooking a picturesque river, creating a beautiful dining atmosphere. After your meal, take on the challenge of the Chimney Tops Trail for both a rewarding workout and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Greenbrier Picnic Area: Nature’s Serenity Year-Round

Open throughout the year, the Greenbrier picnic area features 12 sites, providing an ideal setting for a peaceful retreat. Located fifteen minutes east of downtown Gatlinburg, Greenbrier offers a post-picnic stroll on the Porter’s Creek Trail. This easy hike, suitable for all ages, offers stunning views of a crystal-clear river and showcases the best wildflowers the National Park has to offer during the appropriate season.

Cades Cove Picnic Area: A Scenic Feast in Every Season

Open year-round with 81 picnic sites, the Cades Cove picnic area sits adjacent to the must-visit Cades Cove Scenic Loop. Nestled near the entrance to the loop on Laurel Creek Road, many tables are positioned by a scenic creek, each equipped with a charcoal grill. Indulge in a picturesque meal surrounded by nature, followed by a captivating drive through one of the park’s most popular areas.

Metcalf Bottoms Picnic Area: Tranquil Feasting with Historical Charm

With 122 picnic sites, the Metcalf Bottoms picnic area stands as the second-largest in the National Park. Open throughout the year, it offers level sites and a grill at each location. After your meal, explore the Metcalf Bottoms Trail, a 1.2-mile roundtrip hike showcasing old homesites, footbridges, a historical cemetery, and a 1930s schoolhouse.

Herbert Holt Park Picnic Area: Family-Friendly Fun in Gatlinburg

Herbert Holt Park, accessible year-round, provides ample picnic tables and grills amidst a family-friendly environment. Located just before Traffic Light #1 in Gatlinburg, this park offers a perfect blend of BBQ grills for parents, a playground for kids, a walking trail, public restrooms, and even trout fishing. The park’s picturesque setting ensures a delightful outing for the whole family.

Mynatt Park Picnic Area: A Riverside Oasis Near Downtown

Open year-round, Mynatt Park offers nine picnic tables and grills set against a picturesque stream. This location, near downtown Gatlinburg, combines a playground, ballfields, basketball and tennis courts, a fishing stream, and a covered pavilion, guaranteeing a favorite spot for families seeking diverse recreational activities.

Deep Creek Picnic Area: Nature’s Symphony Amidst the Mountains

Open year-round, Deep Creek picnic area features a picnic pavilion and ten picnic sites surrounded by mountain streams, wildflowers, and trees. After your meal, embark on a brief 0.7-mile hike on the Deep Creek Trail to witness the beauty of Tom Branch Falls and the nearby Indian Creek Falls, providing a perfect ending to your mountain picnic.

Twin Creeks Picnic Area: Forest Haven for Group Gatherings

Operating from 4/1 to 10/29, Twin Creeks picnic area stands as the largest in the park, featuring a picnic pavilion suitable for large groups. Surrounded by a wooded forest, this area offers covered pavilions, charcoal grills, an oversized fireplace, electricity, and restrooms. While primarily reserved for sizable gatherings, unused areas are available for individual use.

Big Creek Picnic Area: Intimate Serenity in Nature’s Embrace

Open from 4/14 to 10/29, the Big Creek picnic area, though the smallest in the National Park, offers ten tranquil picnic sites. Known for its excellent fishing and beautiful streams, this spot provides a peaceful setting for a quiet retreat into nature.

Mills Park Picnic Area: A Day-Long Retreat with Diverse Activities

Mills Park, open year-round, presents picnic tables by a stream and a covered pavilion next to a playground. Located ten minutes east of downtown Gatlinburg, this park offers a 9-hole disc golf course, basketball court, horseshoe pits, skate park, playground, and more, ensuring a full day of diverse recreational activities.

In conclusion, the Smoky Mountains host an array of picnic spots, each offering a unique blend of nature, tranquility, and recreational opportunities. Whether seeking a family-friendly environment, historical charm, or a serene retreat for two, these picnic areas cater to diverse preferences, promising an unforgettable outdoor experience in the heart of nature.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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